30 days Easy Exchange and Return Policy

We provide a 30-day hassle-free return and exchange policy to our cherished clients. Returns and exchanges are permitted if there are any problems with sizing or if the item’s design/shading differs from the image on the website.  Within a week (7 business days) after receiving the merchandise, send us pictures of yourself wearing it and the collar tag, together with a description of the problems you are having.

For your complaint to be addressed within 30 days, you must get in touch with us within 7 days and include a screenshot or photo that clearly illustrates the problem. You will not be allowed to seek a return or exchange beyond the seven-day period. You can reach out to us via our Email, Whatsapp/Live Chat/Call Support.

Cancellation of the Orders:

Purchase cancellation requests must be submitted within 24 hours. If submitted within that timeframe, the whole money will be refunded to the buyer’s account; however, if the customer chooses to cancel the purchase after that time, the following terms and conditions will be applicable: If you decide to cancel your order after 24 hours, 30% of the total price you paid will be deducted. A straight 50% charge from the total amount paid will be made if the order is canceled three days prior to shipment. After three days of confirmation, there will be no further cancellations accepted.

Refund Policy Terms and Conditions:

We place a strong emphasis on the items’ uniqueness and quality on our website. By offering the greatest quality, we ensure that we can build a reliable relationship with our customers. However, if you experience any of the issues listed below, we can resolve them for you by returning your money.

  • If you mistakenly got the wrong shipment and now wish to return it and receive your money back. You are definitely eligible for this policy.
  • The payment method that the buyer used to purchase the item will be refunded.
  • Within three working days, our accounts department completes the return process.
  • Although the bank process will handle the operation in 5 to 14 working days, it can take longer. After that, you will receive your money back.
  • You will get notified about further details and instructions through email by our team.

Exchange Policy:

Please note that the item you want to return or exchange should be in its original condition. The shipping cost to send the item back to our warehouse or production house will be paid by the customer.

Exchange Policy Terms and Conditions:

These are the key points for the execution of our exchange policy. So when you think of it you better go through these points as they will help you better understand our policy. You will get a clear idea of the eligibility criteria and the procedure. All the terms and conditions for the exchange policy are written here very clearly.

  • Your product should not lose its originality. Make sure you have it in the best original condition.
  • When you apply, make sure that you add a valid reason for why you are exchanging the received item in the email.
  • You are eligible for this exchange policy if you have got a different product, the wrong size, and color, or maybe it does not contain the features that are mentioned on the website ( we do not compromise on the quality so don’t you worry about it won’t happen) then you will be eligible for this policy.
  • The custom expenses which will cost the whole procedure of exchange will be paid by you.
  • Just like us, you are also instructed to use a trackable courier service. After receiving the tracking ID/number you have to send us that. So that we can keep ourselves updated with the location of the product.
  • When you receive the approval from the team to exchange the parcel you will then receive a return address as well. Where you will have to return the product. That will be the exact address of our warehouse from where you will receive the product.
  • The replacement of the product will reach you in the next 15 days after we have received the delivered product back.
  • The customized parcels will not get exchanged.

Return Policy:

There will be no return/exchange for ordering more than one similar product, but a different size. People misuse this facility. In case of a return, the return shipping will be paid by the buyer and the customer is also liable to pay the shipping and handling cost that will depend upon jacket weight and size. No product will be entertained for Return, Refund, or Exchange if the tags were removed from the product. All requests for Return, Refund, or Exchange made after 24 hours of receiving the product will not be acceptable.

Return Policy Terms and Conditions:

  • You can avail the return policy on our website for 30 days.
  • After exceeding the given timeline, the offer will expire and we will no longer remain able to entertain your problem.
  • While applying for the return you are directed to send an email in which you have to mention the clear and valid reason for the return.
  • When you decide to return the received product make sure you apply for it in the given time limit and your product is in the same condition as you received it.
  • Your product should have a tag with it otherwise we will not take it back. So kindly do not remove the tag from the product. Because to check its originality we need that tag.
  • Make sure that you have not washed the received apparel even a single time.
  • Keep the received parcel in its original delivered condition. Do not misuse it at all.
  • Make sure that the product does not contain any cuts or stains over it.
  • The desired product should not be used.
  • Customized parcels will not get returned.
  • If you have done any alteration to the received apparel and it has gone wrong or maybe you do not like that anymore then remember that this act will also make you ineligible for this policy.
  • The shipment of the product is totally free from our side but if you want to return the product then you have to bear all the shipping expenses of the return procedure.
  • Once you apply for the return procedure and the procedure gets started please to avoid the hassles use the service of a courier company that will provide you a tracking ID/number of a parcel. It would be convenient for us as well to keep an eye on the product.
  • When you receive the tracking ID/number kindly do share that with our team.
  • You are instructed to send the received item back to the exact address of our warehouse from where you have received that.

Further, if you have any queries then kindly let our customer care department know they will answer all your questions.

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